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tv   [untitled]    April 8, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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public transit including the convention center. the project is necessary and desirable and staff recommends the commission approves the project with conditions. thank you and i'm available for questions. >> project sponsor? >> good afternoon, president fong, members of the commission, director ram, i'm ruben, with juns and rose. i was here when the matter came up for hearing on january 17th. we continued at that time to do some additional outreach that we were requested to do. it took longer than we anticipated. we had four live
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meetings and e-mails and telephone calls and necessary communication. i understood our charge at that point to have meetings in good faith and am very comfortable to report to the commission that we did that. we did not end up with a resolution. you can see behind me that there is opposition here from those community groups. however, we do have a lot of support for this project and have had a lot of support along the way aside from your own staff. john and todd have been supportive and they will be speak negative -- speaking in favor and 182 jobs available for entry level positions in the neighborhood and the consortium have written a letter of support. the
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convention and visitors center is here to support. there is opposition and they are here and will express themselves. the owner and developer is here as well and can answer questions and if things come up that i don't know i will be able to consult with them. we would like to now show you the project. >> my name is cory, i'm with architectural design and we are here on behalf of the sponsor to be at the proposed hotel. we have some images that could be brought up. thank you. the proposed hotel consist of 220
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hotel rooms and ground floor commercial space with associated support space. the project sight is at the corner of clem tina. well the existing building, 2 story commercial building which will be demolished for our project is across the street from the central future subway stop which will be immediately to the east. next slide, please. do you do that or do i do that. single -- the site plan is on the other on riented with 4 street. the central subway stop will be across clem tina towards the bottom on the plan.
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this next slide, represents the ground floor plan of the project which shows the arrangement of uses including the hotel lobby which is in the bottom right hand corner with it's entrances off both 4th street which is to the right on the plan as well as to clem tina on the bottom side of the plan and also indicates the commercial space which wraps around the lobby and also has entrances fronting on both 4th street and clem tina. the main emphasis here is to maximize the activation of the pedestrian experience. that's been our intent with the design. the publically accessible open space shown on the left-hand corner of the plan is provided on the form of a sunny courtyard that is
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lushly land escaped and available for public use. services are going to be delivered in the bottom left-hand corner along clem tina and dining is available on forth street frontage. the pedestrian level view shows a high degree of entrance transparency which we are seeking along 4th street
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promenade. there is a large population of seniors who live nearby and adjacent to our sight and so this hotel use is a 24 hour seven day use which is going to enhance greatly the security of this neighborhood. one of the concerns that the neighbors brought to our attention and we have agreed to accommodate is at the corner of our hotel, right where 4th and clem tina come together for the mobility challenge seniors they have requested we add a low planter so that as pedestrians are coming down clem tina, as they round that corner, this planter will act as a buffer and prevent collision. it's just one example of many where
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we are able to accommodate they are concerns. we feature in design as the district working closely with planning staff. we feel the contemporary design is going to be a very comfortable fit in the yerba buena area. so i think in the interest of brevity i will invite your comments and questions. thank you. >> okay. opening it up for
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public comment. since we have a large number of public comment speakers, we are going to as i call them up lineup on that side of the room and you will figure ou
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>> which is primarily while your family is out here today. we created the family limousine district in 2009 bordered by fourth and 7 streets to prioritize family housing and youth centers and deprioritize bars and liberation hotels things that don't necessarily serve families. thinking like a residential building there is no torts for this developer to build on the site. we need to set legal precedent
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that the youth can't come into this this sites and pagon terms to appease us. the developer for this project did in the initially meet with the community and when he did it was not a robust community event. he's been quite difficult and has expressed frustration with the youth and family zones and that it exists at all. incorporated for a project to be granted conditional use the planning commission needs to determine if this is necessary and desirable to the neighborhood. in your draft approval
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resolution of this project the - you stayed and i quote the commission finds that the approval of this authorization will promote the health and welfare of the city and this does not promote the family the youth and family special youth district. and that's why we're asking you to vote no, because this fails to protect the youth and family > >> thank you.
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>> i'm 10 years old i'm probably a player from a district and i regret the hotel projects. >> job brother. >> good afternoon i'm a resident in sill march for over 4 years i'm in eight grade and i oppose the hotel project. >> thank you commission for let me speak. i'm the executive director of the violence program in the family and youth zone. i'm not only one of the occupyers. the hotel is a gold mine and
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this aren't the first time this kind of thing has come to our community. if there you go going to be a part of the community we want to build a collaboration. we don't want somebody to come in and build their hotels and buildings and they're making their money and they have no support for the community. i've seen this time after time. my kids go to school driver's license, i work there i want what's right for the community and the kid in the neighborhood and the programs and services that do exist. the project is going to make millions and millions of
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dollars. we on a shoe string budget helping several families daily. if you have a big project could with some reasonable support. they build programs like this they only hire people from the community. go down to our neighborhood in the zone and see how many people need some support. but you have people who make millions and millions of dollars in our community and is they give back. guarantee go look at our community and see for yourselves >> good afternoon i'm michelle i'm a resident i actually live about 3 blocks from the proposed
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project. i say this time and time again, i i was born and raised in san francisco and until i moved south of the market i didn't know how many families and seniors live in those malls around the businesses. a lot of times at any time the family the forgotten community because a lot of people forgot that folks are trying to raise their families there. so other than mission bay no other neighborhood it changing like ours. it was really to support the vulnerable families and the family members are here today just to give us face. the city is concerned with the revenue from tourism. i know that the owner of the
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property is concerned with the profit of his business venture and families are struggling to pay the rent. rent in san francisco is ridiculous. this will take the property off the market and we're asking there be some way these types of projects mitigate those types of things in the community. this was the first project within the youth project we we look forward to building a relationship with the commissioners so we can make this work for the community and the young people and families that live in this area >> thank you i'm going to call a few more names. (calling names)
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>> i'm with the players i was raised in the sill march district. i'm concerned about what's been built around us and i regret the proposal their building in our community. as they build i want them though o to be in the county of los angeles with our community and to help us out >> (calling more names).
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>> i'm 11 years old. i'm from u p and i oppose the hotel project. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. i'm with the bill starter housing program. our mission is to defend housing to low income families and moderate families in san francisco for the veterans center has been in service for many years to help philippine seniors. it says it's intend to expand affordable housing and this zone is is that so to help and
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protect by adapting policies of the district for the expansion of the affordable housing opportunity and not the hotel. as you can see over 6 months there's drastic changes and rent is changing. it's important to have responsible housing zones that includes seniors and families. i grew up south of marketing and i went back to give back to the community when i was 19 years old. definitely we need more affordable housing not a hotel. that's why it's important for you to continue to support the youth and family zone. we ask you to vote no to this
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project >> thank you. (calling more names) >> good afternoon commissioners. i'm with the b e.c. i'm also a resident in sill march for over seven years. we love this area in the mid city and we - this is really important because with increasing rent we're having
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difficulties in life. our rent has been increasing and we might not be able to live comfortably at our age. kids and seniors are safer now and it's much cleaner too. that is why it is important as commissioners you continue to support the family and youth, us and the district and that is why we ask you to vote no to this project so we can see if this project supports the neighborhood thank you thank you very much >> good afternoon commissioners
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i'm berry - our organization developed a community and manages the community center no right benefit of the neighborhood community and abbas an organization we support low income families especially the concentration of families in the neighborhood. the people in sill march are feeling the foreclosures. why are we giving special attention to developers who don't care about our community. we have low income families and the planning commission has a responsibility to stand up for our community and members.
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is planning commission needs to determine that the project is necessary and desirable to the neighborhood and whether it would have a negative impact on the neighborhood. this project is not desirable we could build affordable housing which the community finds important. it is important as commissioners you continue to support the purpose of the youth and families. i ask you to vote th no on this project because it fails to promote our well-being >> a couple more names.
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>> good afternoon commissioners i'm a resident here in san francisco and i've been part of the project so i'm here to speak about the hotel. i had some family members who couldn't stick around because they had to go pickup their kids. you guys please do not pad this project we need more affordable housing in san francisco and if this hotel is going to be up we already have a lot of hotels here. we need housing do please do not pass this project >> thank you. next speaker >> good afternoon to everyone
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i am a member of the project south of marketing community. we all know this is again i did not get and family special youth district but this project that is going to be built up a one the hotel. this project will not benefit the community so while pushing up this project i urge you commissioners to please take considerations and i oppose the hotel. thank you >> thank you. >> hi there i'm - i've been a
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resident for 19 years since i came to the us from the philippines. being a high school and now i'm in my 20s i'm still fighting for this zone because there's other youth and families that are still living here, still trying to survive and you say the amenities the restaurants and the bars are not detrimental. but are the restaurants really affordable for the youth and family's. there are people intoxicated interest so if you say that's
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not det. mental then we'll see. but i really want, you know, if anyone is coming in here know to develop anything the community would expect if you really would talk to the community and work together. we figure out for the community not the money. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon i'm raymond. and you know, i want to add to what my brother said this is not the first and last time, you know. people are getting beat up left and right, you know, and it doesn't serve the people and
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community nor the people who work in this community. i know what the beauty of this community is we're united and having something like this is just an insult to you'll see work we've done. we've worked so hard for this. so we hope you guys will vote no on this project. thank you and a thank you. a couple of more speakers. >> calling names. >> i'm going to translate for her. >> (speaking spanish).
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>> the reason i'm here is for you guys not to pass the hotels. >> i am been a part of the family here. >> the community is worried. because this project does benefit low income families. the families are still living in shelters and even in the streets. we want to see projects that are going to help low income families in the